November 22, 2016
November 22, 2016

In today’s skills short market , and with such a high demand for key talent, it is not enough to utilise the recruiting strategies of old.  Reactive based recruitment and non-strategic recruiting models – including “headhunting”  –  are not going to necessarily attract those top candidates, fill your empty seats or enable you to put solid succession plans in place.

So what is going to have to change? What will enable you to operate at a high competitive level, and in a manner that is aligned to your organisation’s business strategy? Getting the right people to innovate and grow the business is more important in achieving overall goals than any other part of a business plan as people are one of the largest, if not the largest, investment a company makes.

The answer is Strategic Talent Acquisition…this is the model that is best aligned to business strategy and is best described as being both an art and a science. Strategic Talent Acquisition requires that your organization develops blended talent acquisition plans and strategies to attract and hire top candidates, create sourcing plans that include building a talent pool, utilise social media and drive employer branding. An important need is to find recruitment technology that will not only effectively reach candidates but will provide metrics and analytics on those candidates.

Smart business leaders innovate past their competitors by prioritizing talent acquisition as a long-term play and not a simple transaction at a time of need. The goal here is to find the right level of individual and those (passive and active) candidates with key skills that are needed to ensure the continued growth or success of your company, and to build comprehensive talent recruitment plans that will unify your business goals and talent aspirations.

The leaders of Strategic Talent Acquisition have five key focus areas. To learn more about the 5 key areas that leaders of Strategic Talent Acquisition focus on, and how this model works effectively in South Africa, join us for a Breakfast talk on Strategic Talent Acquisition.

To please call Gloria on (021) 671 5190 or email with the subject line “Strategic Talent Acquisition Breakfast”

By Beverley Hancock, Director of Human Alliance’s Recruitment Division

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