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January 28, 2019

Workplace skills plans and annual training reports

Workplace skills plans and annual training reports

All SA companies who employ people, and whose annual payroll exceeds R500,000.00, are required to pay 1% of their monthly payroll to SARS in the form of a Skills Development Levy (SDL). 2% of this amount is kept by SARS for administrative purposes, and the remaining 98% is given to the National Skills Fund (NSF). NSF then keeps 18% for its own administration and national training; 10.5% goes to the SETA’s for their administration, and 0.5% is allocated to the Quality Assurance Board (QCTO). The remaining 69.5% is set aside for the companies to access for training and development within their organisations. This amount is divided into the Mandatory (20%) and Discretionary (49.5%) Grants.

In order for companies to access these grants, they are required to be compliant by ensuring:

  1. The employer is registered with the commissioner in terms of the Skills Development Levies Act,
  2. That all SDL’s have been paid and are up to date, at the date of application
  3. The company submits a Workplace skills Plan, Annual training report and a PIVOTAL training plan and report before 30 April of that year

These plans and reports will be assessed by the relevant SETA, and if all is in order, the company’s plans and reports will be approved, and the company will receive their mandatory grants.

Should the companies PIVOTAL training report and plan qualify and be approved, the company could receive a discretionary grant in addition to the mandatory grant.

Contact Human Alliance to help you access these training grants.

If you need any further advice or assistance on labour issues, you may contact Human Alliance

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