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Outsourced HR Services

Human Alliance provides a comprehensive and affordable outsourced HR service spanning the entire employment life cycle, designed and customized for our Client’s unique needs through service level agreements.

In delivering this service, Human Alliance staff may be embedded either fully or partially or on a retainer basis. A truly full-service HR solution where Human Alliance becomes the Client’s Outsourced human resource department. The outsourced HR services are provided through one of the following options:
Fully Embedded

Human Alliance’s HR professionals are placed in the Client’s organization on a full-time basis in order to deliver a full-scale HR service as if they were the in-house HR Department. The nature and extent of the HR services, including the size and composition of the team, are determined by mutual agreement with the Client.

Partially Embedded

Human Alliance’s HR professional(s) are placed in the Client’s organization on a scalable, partial basis (for example, 1 day a week) in order to deliver a mutually agreed HR service. The nature and extent of the HR service, including the size and composition of the team, is completely flexible and dependent on the needs of the Client.


Human Alliance’s HR professional(s) are retained on a monthly fee basis to provide various human resource services set out in a Service Level Agreement aimed at meeting the Client’s specific needs.

Key Benefits

  • The Client can focus on core business activities and leave HR to Human Alliance
  • HR services are provided by a leading edge service provider who is continually researching the HR field
  • The Client has access to the expertise of the whole Human Alliance team
  • Scalable, flexible and versatile service offerings
  • Cost effective
  • Reduction in risk of non-compliance with labour laws

Our HR Consulting

Human Alliance is committed to integrating human capital with business strategy by providing cutting edge professional HR consulting services covering the entire employment life cycle, aimed at maximizing the ROI and reducing the risk of the human capital deployed in the organization.

Our comprehensive consulting services are offered either on a time-related basis, offering a specialised and professional Hr Service to Clients on an Ad Hoc, Hourly basis. This service provides specific solutions for specific problems or opportunities and also gives you the peace of mind that the professionals are just a call away.
Service Offerings

Our HR Consulting Services cover the following:

  • HR Strategic Audit and Plan
  • B-BBEE Scorecard Strategy Formulation
  • HR Policies
  • Labour relations
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Chairing Disciplinary Enquiries
  • Arbitration assistance
  • Payroll/ HR Administration services
  • Contracts of employment
  • Performance Management
  • Employment Equity
  • Skills Development
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Resource Planning
  • Talent Management
  • Remuneration and Reward
  • Job Evaluation
  • Personal and team effectiveness
  • Career Management
  • Change Management
  • HR Department re-engineering
  • HR Compliance Audit
  • Start-up assistance for International Companies
Key Benefits

  • Trustworthy advice from seasoned HR professionals
  • Convenience and peace of mind
  • Creative solutions from deep and broad experience
  • Value for money

Our Project Based Work

Human Alliance Consulting provides some of its services in a more cost effective packaged form, offering our clients project based work options, where they can access specialised assistance to develop, customise and implement HR related Solutions .
Service Offerings

Human Alliance offers the following Packaged HR services to its Clients:

  • Employment Legislation Compliance Audit
  • Policies and Procedures Manual – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum
  • HR Business Processes Manual
  • Employment Equity Implementation and Compliance
  • Skills Development Implementation and Compliance
  • POPI Implementation and Compliance
  • COIDA Implementation and Compliance
  • Health and Safety Implementation and Compliance
  • Remuneration and Reward Structuring
  • Performance Management Implementation
  • Change Management Interventions
  • Competency Matrix
  • General Orientation Programme (Induction)
  • HR and Legislative Compliance Audit

Key Benefits

  • Off-the-shelf solution
  • Known cost at a discounted price




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