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Human Alliance is introducing a new product in partnership with Solace

Human Alliance is now offering the new Solace Core Benefits product as part of our product offering. The Solace Core Benefits is the ultimate product in Employee Wellness and would be a premium benefit for companies to offer their employees in an effort to promote mental, physical and financial health and wellbeing.

The Solace Core Benefits are designed to assist employees and their families with many of the challenges they may face in their personal lives. These may include, legal, tax, financial, debt or trauma related challenges.

Below are examples of some of the benefits available through this product for the employee, their spouse and children under the age of 18.

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Financial Wellness

  • Building and maintaining your annual budget
  • Generating your credit report, guidance and analysis of your credit score and assistance with improving your credit score
  • Education on secondary income generating techniques, lifestyle advice, the importance of savings and controlling your financial wellness through difficult times
Debt Assist

  • Reviewing your current financial position and reconstructing existing budgets for better affordability
  • Conducting reckless lending investigations
  • Negotiating payment terms and interest rates with credit providers
  • Negotiating repossession
  • Facilitating debt counselling/review
  • Rehabilitation through education
Legal Assist

  • Around the clock legal advice on all legal matters excluding labour matters.
  • Legal assistance and standard document drafting such as wills or letters of demand
  • Advice on handling 3rd party claims
  • Advice around dispute resolutions
  • Advice on family law and civil matters
Tax Assist

  • Guidance through first time tax registration
  • Annual tax advice
  • Advice on tax return submission
  • Handling all tax return submissions on your behalf. (A charge may be applied)
  • Guidance through a tax audit
  • Educational advice on tax benefits
Trauma Assist

  • R10 000 private ambulance cover per family per year
  • R10 000 trauma counselling services with a maximum of R5000 per family member per year
  • Referral service for medical advice
  • Dispatch of other emergency services at cost to the member
How to make use of these benefits?

  • Once you have signed up you will be able to access the APP from your phone to access all the benefits immediately




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