Create a culture of continuous learning and improvement
Coaching helps you develop your people
Executive Coaching

The greatest impact that a Leader has is not by doing more than everyone else, but by empowering other people to do more and motivating them to do their best. Our solutions focused approach to Coaching using the OSCAR model (Outcome, Situation, Choices, Actions and Review) allows people to make the most of their expertise whilst compelling them to stretch and grow. Learning is a continuous process that results in positive change, and by constantly taking small steps forward, we create big changes.

Human Alliance makes use of leading-edge assessment tools to gather data about employee learning styles, attitudes toward work, professional challenges, and internal and external motivating factors, which are all critical in making coaching effective.
High Potential Coaching

Coaching of Emergers, Stars and Contributors in the workplace – the focus here is on gaining greater self-awareness, knowledge broadening and deeper understanding of the business world. Aid in retention of skills within the organisation and succession planning (Strategic Talent Management).

Transitional Coaching

Managers or professionals experiencing transition such as a recent promotion or a new career move. Clients may need to focus on planning, organising and communicating more effectively at all levels or develop greater “emotional intelligence” and “political savvy” about themselves and others.

Middle Management

To boost the attitude and personal and professional skills in order for this to lead to guidance for changes and the team. Facilitate alignment of personal values with organisational goals. It favours commitment and satisfaction at work – leads to an improved working environment, co-operation and internal relations.

Key Benefits

Effectively deploy and use an essential management tool
Focused and engaged employees who strive to reach their goals
Turn Managers into Motivators
Years in Existence
Combined Experience

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